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Iztema – Concept to unite (Religion)

Iztema – Concept to unite

Aurangabad, March 1, 2018: Maulana Saad organised ‘Iztema’ on February 24, 25 and 26. The event was successful and approximately 1.2 crore people had attended the function. It was a state level function and it is organised only 1 time in a year. Also, in total 412 people from foreign countries attended the function.

First, Iztema was organised in 1927 in Bengal by Maulana Iliyas Al-Kandhlawi. The concept behind Iztema is to gather all the Muslims and preach them about the truth of their religion and different sessions are kept for the same. Also, the arrangements for food and halt are made by the organisation for all the people who attend the function. All the certified Maulanas are invited from the city to attend the function and preach about the religion in the form of ‘Bayan’. Also, after the preaching sessions, question and answer sessions are also kept for clearing any kind of doubt related to the religion.

Depending on the place where Iztema is being held, all the big and established mosques from respective districts gather and collect the money required for the function (Taun) and take the responsibility into their hands. It usually starts from the Fajr namaz (Morning Prayer) until Isha namaz (Night Prayer). In most of the places, arrangements are made for men and women both separately and no age barrier is kept for the function. Also, food is not only kept for the people who attend but is kept open for all the people and anyone can ask for it and not only that, all the beverages and refreshments are kept free for all.

On the last day, ‘Dua’ is the most important part of the Iztema for which many of the Muslims attend the Iztema. Iztema is also known as Islamic congregation and not only food is kept open but, books related to  religion are also kept for people to buy at lower rates than usual rates.


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