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An Interview with Colonel

Teaching and Guidance acts as an important part or we can say is an important aspect of life. It is something which never ends i.e. no matter of what age you are or where you are, teaching and guidance can be done in any manner with anyone. Many people have told the importance of it in their own means. Similarly, L. Colonel Dr. Satish Dhage, Director of MGM Institute of Competitive Examinations (ICE) have said the importance and explained it. Dr. Dhage have served as an officer in Indian army and at present are the director of MGM ICE as well as a lecturer in the same.

Q. What role does teaching and guidance play in your life based on your experience from a medico-army officer to the Director of M.G.M ICE?

A. "In reality, teacher’s role is the most important role, because as far as talent is concerned, every person is talented. I believe that there is 100% energy in every person and if you want to be successful, what requires is a proper direction. I believe that there are 3 D’s which are required to be successful – Dedication, Discipline and Direction. If you give your efforts, focus with all your energy on the aim, in the right direction then only you will be successful. So, that direction and the right guidance is given by a guru or a teacher." 

Q. What are your views on the traditional teaching methods and the modern teaching methods?

A. "I believe change is the mantra of life. One must move ahead and get adjusted with the technology and the change. In traditional teaching methods, Gurukul system was in practice based on the customs, traditions and the requirements. But today, you can’t go ahead with the Gurukul system as you need to accept the electronic changes in the teaching methods. You have to absorb the positive changes of technological teaching and leave behind the negative ones."

 Q. Do you agree with the fact that there exists transition in the morals, values and ethics of the students?

A. "I think yes, because of technology many new things have come and there is a routine kind of observation. You may see many people saying that today’s generation is very smart. As the new technology is coming, along with that certain bad practices are also growing. There is dilution of values and ethical kind of thing in student’s general behaviour. Though our tilt is towards westernization, two things are important which are to be followed. First and foremost, we must have an intact family system which should imbibe the sanskars and values and secondly, apart from teaching it’s the role of a teacher to mentor and guide the students regarding the ethical knowledge."

Dr. Dhage have taught hundreds of children and imparted all the important morals and teachings he had. Even today, he is thanked for his devotion in the field and students even from his first batch are still in contact with him. Dr. Dhage not only served with devotion in army but also maintained the same devotion in the career of teaching. Imparting education, preparing students for future challenges of life and motivating students is all he did after army and is what he wants to continue with.


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