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Squash – A Suppressed Sport (Sports)

Squash – A Suppressed Sport

Aurangabad, March 10, 2018: Several tries have been given to bring ‘Squash’ sport as an official ‘Olympics’ sport but has been always rejected. Supporters of sport continue to register applications to include it in the Olympics sport. Though, people have limited the game for certain standard of people, it has slowly started gaining popularity all around the world.
This sport is played in a 4 walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. It is meant for 2 players or 4 players where players strike the ball after one another. ‘World Squash Federation’ is the highest governing body in world for the sport and is recognised by ‘International Olympic Committee’. India’s governing body for the same sport is ‘Squash Rackets Federation of India’. In spite of the sport not so popular in the country, its men team has participated in quarter finals for 3 times in ‘World Team Squash Championship’.
“The squash was invented in a jail by a person who used to live alone for t…
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“Suicide is becoming a trend nowadays”: Educational Institutes (Educational)

“Suicide is becoming a trend nowadays”: Educational Institutes

Aurangabad, March 10, Aurangabad: “Today’s educational system has become so much of a pressure that students cannot even share it with either parents or teachers about the real thing going in their mind.” Said Mr. Kulkarni, branch manager at Aakash Institute.
No. of educational suicides have increased in the past few years and have resulted into a grave situation for the parents as they are constantly worried about the future of their child. Youth suicides is one of the major issues of India and mainly people blame the educational system of India. “Students get stressed up a lot because of the educational pressure may it be from family or coaching classes. Students get tensed to this extent that they don’t feel like sharing things with parents nor with teachers and finally end up with the decision to suicide.” Said one of the parent of a child studying in 12th grade.
Children have made it a trend instead of talking or discus…

Siddhant versus State – A fight for disabled students (Court)

Siddhant versus State – A fight for disabled students

Aurangabad, March 9, 2018: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has refrained from striking down the circular dated 17/10/2017 except for Siddhant. The circular will not affect rights of the disabled child and he can appear for exams for the subjects he opted in standard 9 unlike other students who have to appear for the exams as per the circular issued by the CBSE board which includes change in the curriculum.
Siddhant Manudhane suffering from dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculic, disability in reading, writing and understanding arithmetic which is learning disability. Student of standard 10 at Kashinath Palod Public School at Jalgaon that is affiliated to CBSE board under the control of Union of India. The regional office of CBSE is at Chennai and the main board is at Prit Vihar, Delhi.
According to Writ Petition No. 1744 of 2005, with a mutual agreement between the State Government Educational and Authorities and all sc…

“Garbage thrown by residents only”: Say nearby people of the area (Environment)

“Garbage thrown by residents only”: Say nearby people of the area

Aurangabad, March 8, 2018: People residing in N-6, CIDCO have started dumping the garbage in a corner of the area and people living in nearby area and passing from there have filed complaints against it. The dumping has led to many health problems in the area where students as well as families reside.
“This garbage is completely of ward and people of ward have only dumped it over here. This land comes under the control of Ajju Naikwadi, MIM official. The garbage collecting truck comes very less frequently and hence as a result the public dumps the complete garbage here at this place. Lastly, a tractor comes every 8 days and collects the complete garbage and disposes it somewhere else but until then the garbage stays as it is dumped. Children get sick every now and then and in spite of complaining again and again, the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation does not take any steps regarding it. Also, during rainy season, it gets…

Garbage vans set on fire (Crime)

Garbage vans set on fire

Aurangabad, March 7, 2018: Around 1000 to 1200 accused men and women mass gathered at Mitimita on the Mumbai highway road. They illegally stopped the Municipal Corporation garbage van and interrupted in the government's work.
The Police Commissioner of Aurangabad had issued an order of no mass gatherings from 29th February to 18th March. The accused masses failed to follow the order and gathered in such huge number without talking permission and hence a FIR is filed.
The masses stopped the vans carrying garbage and also started pelting stones at the Municipal officers and workers. Many officials were seriously injured and some were casually wounded. They also tried to set fire to the vans after knowing the fact that the driver and other workers are still in the vehicle. They cried to create a tension and terror so that the government would not be able to carry out it's work effectively.
"By the severe stone pelting it could be told that the intenti…

Students owe life lessons to hostel life (Youth Affairs)

Students owe life lessons to hostel life

Aurangabad, March 7, 2018: Hostel life has taught students some of the most important life lessons. Many students have given credit to their hostel life for the success they have achieved. Many hostel owners are proud that the students who have stayed in their hostel have made great achievements in their life. Student of many departments have said that hostel life is essential for students to learn few things.
“I have learnt more than a thousand lessons by staying in hostel. If hostel life would not have been there in my life then I would have not achieved this much.” Said a computer engineer who is working at L&T Company. Hostel life develops many skills in one’s life and it is really essential for students to experience it. Hostel life teaches students how to adjust and fight in different situations. Many students have filed a complaint against the owner of their respective hostels but later realised that they were the only rules which hav…

"We also invest, gain profit and suffer loss": Street Vendors (Commerce)

"We also invest, gain profit and suffer loss": Street Vendors

Aurangabad, March 7, 2018: Street vendors have a say that whatever they do should also be counted in the business sector as they also do hard work all day long. There are many street vendors in the city of Aurangabad who feel as if they should be heard when talking about their business.
“I always do business with clean intentions and I own different business in different seasons. I have poor background and I do business in cash only.” Said Shaikh Ayyub, owner of Maharashtra Omlet Centre. He puts up his stall in N-6, CIDCO, Aurangabad. Continuing he said,” I do business of lemon tea, pineapple juice and lime juice in summer season for three months. In rainy season, I work as a labour and  perform loading/unloading work in Mondha. Then finally, in winters, I open my own omlet centre.” He experiences problems at night regarding night permissions as police officials don’t allow them to keep their stalls open. He experi…