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“Garbage thrown by residents only”: Say nearby people of the area (Environment)

“Garbage thrown by residents only”: Say nearby people of the area

Aurangabad, March 8, 2018: People residing in N-6, CIDCO have started dumping the garbage in a corner of the area and people living in nearby area and passing from there have filed complaints against it. The dumping has led to many health problems in the area where students as well as families reside.

“This garbage is completely of ward and people of ward have only dumped it over here. This land comes under the control of Ajju Naikwadi, MIM official. The garbage collecting truck comes very less frequently and hence as a result the public dumps the complete garbage here at this place. Lastly, a tractor comes every 8 days and collects the complete garbage and disposes it somewhere else but until then the garbage stays as it is dumped. Children get sick every now and then and in spite of complaining again and again, the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation does not take any steps regarding it. Also, during rainy season, it gets really difficult for people to pass this road and live nearby this place.” Said Shaikh Abrar, a resident of Chistiya colony.

In regard to the complaints filed, the AMC officials give a visit once and then say that they’ll take care of the matter and never again show up. Pandurang Raut, a shop owner near the garbage place said,” The complete garbage comes in front of my shop and it really creates difficulties for my customers and for me too. I have many a times filed a complaint against it but I always get the same reply that ‘yeah we will come, don’t worry.’ And they never come. It has happened many a times that a bit portion of garbage enters into my shop because of wind or water also.” Pandurang runs a barber shop in front of the dumping area.

Also, when students were asked about the conditions and their sufferings they openly stated their problems. Pooja, a medical student said,” We are really fed up of this garbage dumped here and it really smells bad over here. It affects real bad on health and few of my friends are also getting really ill due to this. Due to this, we can’t even go for a walk when we wish to because of the smell and we hope that this problem gets solved as soon as possible.” Pooja lives in a hostel nearby to the dumping area. Another student of pharmacy, Nikhil More said that it happens a lot of times that due to blowing wind, dust particles and small bit of garbage also enter into room and they have to clean it up every now and then. Nikhil said that they have complained about it to landlord as well but every time, he ignores the issue and doesn’t do anything about it.

People should understand that the nearby area should be kept clean so that no problem arises in future. People should not dump garbage like this at any place instead should work for bringing the facility in their area as well.


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