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Tulsishyam - Strange but Interesting

                                                                      Photo Courtesy - Wikipedia

Aurangabad, October 5, 2017 : According to people, a mysterious spot exists near Junagadh in Gujarat though there is scientific reason behind it. The spot has been in-to attention so much that now it has become and is considered as one of the tourist place in Gujarat. “Tulsi Shyam Temple” is the main reason why people visit this place. Mythical background behind the temple lies in the story of Lord Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna killed a demon name ‘Tul’ and hence the name of place was kept by merging the name of two – Tulsi Shyam. There are two major spots in the area; Hot Water Spring and a road which is knows as gravity road.

It is said that the Hot Water Spring has healing powers for physical wounds and injuries. It can heal any type of wound may it be deep or slight. Some people have experienced the magic of it while some say that there is nothing like this. “Definitely there are some powers and those are fools who do not know nothing of the same.” Said a regular tourist who has been visiting the site for almost 7 years. Another strange thing about the place is the stretch of road aka gravity road near temple. This road is meant to have supernatural powers behind it but according to scientist there is a scientific solution for the same.

If vehicles, left in free-gear, without hand-brake, go up the hill instead of moving down i.e. against gravity. Scientists say that it is nothing but optical illusion, different magnetic and gravity differences. People say that is the power being shown of Lord Krishna to common people as a gift. “It is a really great experience for me. I have never seen anything like this in my life before. I don’t know whether it is an optical illusion or not but whatever it is, it’s really great.” Said a tourist. Also even if the water is thrown on the road, instead of coming down, it flows up towards the upper part of road.

                                                                   Photo Courtesy - Google Photos

But the phenomenon is not permanent, i.e. after some distance even vehicles stop moving and the water thrown after a portion acts normally. The idol in the temple is 3000 years old and is made up of black stone. The temple is in the forests of Gir National Park, Gujarat. The place is an interesting place for the tourist to visit and not only fun is gained but also peace is experienced within the temple because of the atmosphere and surrounding over there. The place is strange but interesting.


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