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Food Culture of Aurangabad

New Taste in the Town!

Aurangabad, September 6, 2017 : Aurangabadkars have now turned foodie and hence number of cafes, restaurants, ice-cream parlors have increased in the city.  A new concept of food truck has become trendy which is something new for the residents of the city. Almost a week ago, Yummy Tummy Food Truck has started at Kalda corner by Dhawal Momaya and Priyank Chopda. In the first five days only, the food truck received a great response from the people and hence gave a new start to one more food truck in the city and increased the count of food trucks of the city. A variety of sandwiches are available here and people are enjoying the taste at a large scale. The owners have created the flavors of the sandwiches by themselves which is something new this time for the people as many flavors available here are not available in the city. “I am very fond of toast sandwiches. I used to roam about and taste sandwiches at different places but never got a taste which I wanted. So, I along with my partner decided to start a food truck with variety of sandwiches which are really turning out to be delicious.” said Mr. Priyank Chopda, one of the owners.

Bombay Chutney, Chatpata Aloo, Green Chilly Garlic, Pizza Punch, Tangy Tikki, Yummy Tummy Tandoori, Corn Spinach, Peppy Paneer, Creamy Corn and Chocolate Cheese Sandwich are the different flavors of sandwiches available. “The concept is new and its going to work well as it is new in this area. The reason I came here is chocolate cheese sandwich, that’s it. I have tried this flavor at many places but never really liked any of them. The taste here is incredible as compared to others and I just loved it.” Said one of the customers. 

New about this food truck is an dish that is available; “Cheese Papdi”. This is for the first time that Aurangabad is experiencing such kind of dish. Along with this order, there are two variations available in the dish itself, i.e. Italian Cheese Papdi and Indian Cheese Papdi. Till now the response is good from the customers and hence the truck is found to be lively all the time. This was about the unique dish available at the truck, talking about the specialty of the truck, “Ice Cream Sandwich” is what the truck has got. Also, this dish has too got sub-menu with it. The variations are Juicy Pineapple Sandwich, Chunky Chocolate Sandwich and Cookie Delight Sandwich.

The trend of food trucks is drastically increasing in the city and slowly becoming a nice part of the society and is also competing with cafes and restaurants. People of the city are looking forward for new idea, concepts and especially new dishes to taste which is turning out to be the best part for people who have different tastes in their hands! The concept of food truck is not so new but is turning out to be popular now a days and hence it is really a good concept for a start-up as not much investment is needed in the start, compared to cafes and restaurants.


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