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Water Crisis

Hostelites To Suffer a Severe Issue: Water Shortage

Aurangabad, August 25, 2017: Water Shortage has become one of the most highlighted issues among the hostelites. Students are facing shortage of water daily and are now fed up of it. Many a times, the problem has been resolved but students have termed it as it’s always a temporary solution and never a permanent one.

Near about, 70% of hostels have the same problem and students are left with no other choice but to live with it. “When we were new in the hostel, we used to wait for the problem to get resolved as we were said that the problem would be temporary and that we students would get water as informed earlier. Later, we realized that the problem was persistent, and no one was doing anything regarding it.” Says Deepak Joshi, a JNEC student. Students were assured that they would get water 24x7 though there would be a time limit for hot water. Yet, students are facing problems in the first assurance itself and they don’t want to talk about the latter one.


Students facing the problem experience its effects on their daily life as well. While waiting for water in the morning period. students become late for the further schedule for the whole day and it’s not only when the shortage is faced but also many a times in the evening period as well, they must bear the problem due to it. “Many a times we fight for water when it becomes available to us as we all have to get done with the daily chores and study.” Says Prasmit Kataria, 2nd year student, MGM Physiotherapy College. He continues, “The conditions every time get worse and nothing else. We are literally tired of complaining as we have seen that no action is being taken in the favor of our complaint. The only way now to solve this is to move and go somewhere else in the city.” Students have been forced to think about moving from the hostel and going at such a place where the same scenario won’t repeat.

Students somehow manage during normal days, but it really becomes hectic for the students to manage time while their exams are on. “Exam times are the only period when we hostelites look forward for the least trouble we can have but no matter whatsoever we do, the water shortage issue always persists and ruins the schedule.” Said Pratik Reddi, 2nd Year, JNEC. Water shortage is the problem which acts as a permanent headache for the students, but another issue arises when it comes to hot water timings. Even if the times are set, many a times either the water gets over too early or even in that period, hot water is not supplied which automatically generates shortage of hot water for the hostelites. Water shortage is not only observed in some particular areas but also in nearby areas of colleges and hostels. Hostel owners or room keepers blame the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation for the same and get away from the complaint.


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